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There is no formal money to make money online.

Consumers and netizens would have their separate rating pages. Only those who could give their registered account record with Tengda would be able to access the consumer rating page; ordinary netizens couldn’t. As for the specific ratings, TPDb would also adopt a more complicated rating system. Every account would have a different weight attached to it; the specific weight would only be viewable to Tengda employees with higher levels of clearance.

Some inappropriate behavior would have a negative impact on accounts’ weights. For example, if some Big V had been given money to give a 1/5 rating on a project that had an average of 4/5 rating, or if someone gave 5/5 for a project that had an average 2/5 rating, this would definitely impact this account’s future rating weight.

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Of course, this wasn’t trying to get rid of any form of dissent; after all, ratings should be an individual and very subjective thing. It could also be possible that some people didn’t like others giving 5/5 and praising a so-called masterpiece; hence, they really wanted to give a 1/5 rating instead. However, such revenge-like behavior was already contravening the objective and fair principle behind ratings; this would have a negative impact on this account’s future ratings.

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At the same time, if someone continuously used bogey accounts-accessing accounts all from the same IP address; these accounts’ weights would be reduced as well.

All in all, Pei Qian wanted to eliminate as much of the subjective ratings as possible, allowing each project’s ratings to be as close to its intrinsic value as possible.

Pei Qian gave Ma Yiqun and company the task of setting up the preliminary website for the moment. As Zhongdian Chinese Network had already been set up, Ma Yiqun and company were no longer as busy as before.

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After the preparations for TPDb had been completed, he would then find someone suitable to manage it.

September 1st…

Fish-Catching Internet Cafe…

Qiao Liang sipped his coffee that a waiter had brought from the bar counter; he felt that his life was so relaxed and at ease.

His fans were continuously bombarding him with messages; he couldn’t read all of them in time.

For the past weeks, Qiao Liang hadn’t been paying much attention to his fan groups. He had been having a life-and-death battle with Repent and be Saved. Qiao Liang had to play eight hours of the game daily, and the pressure was on.

Furthermore, Repent and be Saved’s gameplay couldn’t be divulged; he had signed a contract and he had to keep mum.

However, Qiao Liang had recently gotten a knack of the game; and he was progressing speedily. He wasn’t as pressured as before.