How to make money on Xinyu Online

How to make money on Xinyu Online

He had just walked to the entrance of the food street, and yet he had already received such shocking news!

He could only say that Tengda’s employees had always been good at reporting bad news.

To Liang Qingfan, Tengda did not need to fork out a single cent or take on any responsibilities for the entire road construction. They only needed to make some suggestions. Was there any reason to reject such a good thing?

Pei Qian thought about it. Indeed, he could not reject it.

Even if Liang Qingfan told him in advance, he would probably only be helpless and furious.

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Forget it, forget it.

The three of them continued walking along the food street.

The various shops were in different states. Some had already been renovated, some were not opened for business yet and some were still operating.

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That was because different shops had different contracts. Some shops had to leave a certain amount of time for handover.

He felt nothing special after walking around.

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These shops were basically the same. There was no difference before they were renovated.

All in all, the journey was indeed long. After walking for half an hour, his legs were almost sore. Only then did he reach the finish line.

They were almost at Thriller Hostel.

Pei Qian asked, “There are so many shops. The rent should be quite high, right?”