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How many items on the Internet make money

「Or rather, why are you the only one who is so lively!?」

While being jostled by the seniors, I was asked questions in rapid succession.

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I left the National Holy Battlefield, surrounded by a lot of friends

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But right after that, my eyes widened in shock.

(W-What… is this!?)

『Extra』was distributed at the exit of the National Holy Battlefield.

Of course, it does not matter that extra is being distributed.

The problem is『my face』which decorated the front page.

『That Prodigy Hydra is defeated!? The nameless swordsman, Allen Rodore!』

『The Real Strongest First-Year, Allen Rodore! The secret behind his strength is!?』

『The Supernova Clad In Jet-Black Darkness – Allen Rodore!!!』

The headlines written in large font could be read from a distance.

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(W-What’s going on…?)

When I was petrified like a stone statue before the unexpected situation,

「Wow… Allen-kun, you have become famous…」

「Kuh, I envy you…! Next time, I’ll play an active part instead and make the name of『Lilim Tsuorine』known to the whole country!」

「No, I think this would normally be embarrassing though…」