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(This is…)

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Suddenly, my vision swayed, and the darkness that covered my body greatly fluctuated.

(Damn… Is it time…?!)

Today was the first time I used this much『darkness』.

Thus I still don’t know the exact『duration』of this power.

「You haven’t completely controlled that power yet, huh…」

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「Yeah… It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but it is as you say…」

It’s only been two weeks since I manifested darkness.

Even though I am able to manipulate it a little, I still don’t have complete control.

「I see… In that case, I still have a chance to win!」

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As Idol-san said that, she held the two lances up high.

Then – a huge lightning fell on the tip of the lances from the cloudless azure sky.


She began to speak slowly, looking away from me as I widened my eyes in surprise.

「As far as I can tell, Allen’s『darkness』seems to have a duration. Then I’ll make you exhaust that darkness until your spiritual power runs out!」