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“…What are you talking about?”

Kōenji took out his cell phone with a fearless smile on his face.

“This message was sent to me by one of the girls in our class. It reads: ‘I believe Hirata-kun intends to sacrifice himself and volunteer to be expelled tomorrow. He might end up saying something hurtful about everyone or make himself out to be a bad guy, but those won’t be his true feelings. Please, have faith in him and don’t vote against him for it.’ It seems to me like it was sent to everyone other than you and Yamauchi-kun.”

Hirata approached Kōenji and read the message on the phone for himself.

“Most students would sympathize with you after seeing a message like this. After all, it’s not untrue that you’ve spent this past year taking action for the sake of the class. Wouldn’t it make more sense for you to get more praise votes because of this, instead?”

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“No way…”

Hirata’s plan to get the most censure votes had failed.

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Of course, this negatively affected the students most at risk of being expelled.

Horikita quietly turned to me and spoke.

“You’re awfully composed. It’s almost as if you’ve already foreseen what will happen.”

“You probably know what will happen too.”

“Even if I did, I wouldn’t sit back and watch so complacently. As long as there’s room for uncertainty, there’s still reason to worry.”

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Kōenji cut in, as if responding to Horikita.

“The only one who should be worried is him.”

Almost everyone in the class shifted their gaze toward Yamauchi, wondering how he would respond after hearing something like that.

Yamauchi slowly stood up and turned around to look at Kōenji.