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“In the beginning, I will create simple games and publish them online because it’s my hobby… B-But, how should I put this? My reviews aren’t that great…”

“Yes I know. You are ‘NOBE’ after all…”

Hoshinomori一 look so docile, but she was actually so evil on the inside… As I sighed, Hoshinomori looked at me with surprise:

“U-Uehara-san, y-you know about the games I made! Even though it is so niche!?”

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“? Ah, I only played one game from the beginning to the end. As for why I played…”

At this moment, I considered about telling her the entire thing with Amano.

However, Hoshinomori looked at me with sparkling eyes.

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“I-I think this is destined to be!”

“You are going with that!?”

Wrong! It might be destined to be, but the subject wasn’t me! I wanted to clarify with Hoshinomori, but I found it hard to mention about Amano with how happy she looked. Anyway, I will make a simple confirmation.

“Well, Hoshinomori, assuming… this is just an assumption. Assuming Amano knew that you are a game creator and played the free game you made…”

“... I will let the crows feast on my living body and return to nature.”

Her eyes were serious. I held my head in exasperation.

W-What is the right thing to do here!? Objectively speaking, Amano and Hoshinomori are each other’s destined partner! If they keep drifting apart, that would be too ridiculous. If they carry on like this, they won’t get together even if all the other conditions are fulfilled…

As I was racking my brains over this in vain, Hoshinomori continued her discussion with me:

“Eh, Uehara-san, what do you think about the game I… ‘NOBE’ made?”