its my money and i want it now

its my money and i want it now

Uehara-kun replied to me with a flippant and bitter smile.

“Well, I can’t do things like this.”

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“Ah, no, that’s not because you can’t-“

I wanted to comfort him, but I realized I’m not responsible for what happens next. So, I kept the words in my chest. So, I continued as if I’m covering it up.

“Well, forget about that. There’s also another fake thing in Uehara-kun’s supporting speech.”

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“Hmm? Another? Well, …I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”

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Uehara-kun is baffled.

I…stood at the road and turned around. Then, I pointed this out while giving him a slightly mischievous smile like Konoha.

“In the end, Uehara-kun only sincerely supports- Keita.”

With that.

Uehara-kun…laughed again.

“You got me.”

“I got you. It’s more like perhaps Uehara-kun loves him more than Karen-san or me. Or, I should say, suit him, right?”

“Stop, it’s disgusting. …Normally, I would say that. But, perhaps that’s the case. I do love him, and I suit him, as a friend.”

Uehara-kun laughed cheerfully. Then, he continued. “However, that’s why-“

“The same goes for Tendou and you. Don’t mind the stress of Amano’s choice. Just love him without any holdback.”

“…In other words, Uehara-kun will comfort Keita mentally?”