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That was because he really could not focus on it. He could not put himself in the shoes of a soldier to think about problems.

This was a large-scale battle. There would be a huge number of decisions waiting for Qin Yi to make every minute. To pay attention to a certain soldier would be irresponsible to all the other soldiers.

However, Qin Yi could not help but feel something when he saw his own team.

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The memories that had gradually become blurry during training became clear once again. Qin Yi’s gaze swept across every familiar member. What they were doing now was exactly the same as what he remembered.

AEEIS did not explain much, but Qin Yi knew very well that this should be the video recording of the battle at that time. The battle had now been restored to its original state. However, this time, he was no longer the captain of AS-271-45, but the commander of the battlefield.

Qin Yi’s eyes scanned the figures of every soldier in the AS-371-45 team and the overall figures of the entire team.

Morale, nervousness, fear...

Every statistic was displayed clearly.

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The figures of these players were different.

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The short and silent Meng Yu had the lowest level of nervousness and fear, which was in line with Qin Yi’s judgment.

Zhao Yongxiu seemed to be very clumsy and liked to look good. He received the most care in the team, but his fear was not very high.

On the other hand, Xu Kaile, who looked optimistic and often encouraged other players, was the most nervous in the entire team.

Qin Yi thought about it briefly and quickly determined the reason for this: Xu Kaile was a meticulous person. In reality, he was under more mental pressure than others. His optimism and enthusiasm were just a facade.

Qin Yi looked at himself again. He realized that his statistics were not as perfect as he had imagined.

His morale, fear, nervousness, and other statistics might be the best in the entire team but he was still far from being a true “rational person”. He was not even the best in the entire fleet.

According to AEEIS’ judgment, he would also collapse in despair. He could not be considered a cold-hearted war machine.