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After that, Uehara-kun urged us since we stopped completely.

“Ah, no matter what, we’ll lose them if this goes on.”

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After he reminded us, …anyway, the five of us formed up and started walking.

…Where can you even find such a large-scale stalking mission like this? Seriously, what the hell are we doing since the new year?

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The “what the hell’s happening” feeling is permeating between the five of us. So, Kousei-kun seemingly backed down for a bit and sighed as he explained to us.

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“We don’t need to follow them so closely. Onii-san and his darling, ..oh, I was being impolite. Onii-san and his future wife, …oh, I was impolite again. It’s because I know onii-san and Chiaki-senpai are heading towards the department store’s toys area.”

(I-It’s super annoying when he’s such a tryhard shipper!)

Uehara-kun, Aguri-san, and I can’t deal with this guy. So, Konoha-san added with a bitter smile.

“Honestly, I doubt they’ll make any more progress. I guess them holding hands would be today’s climax.”

“Ay, I guess so. They’re Amanocchi and Hoshinocchi, after all.”

Aguri-san gladly accepted Konoha-san’s opinion. …From this perspective, I really understood that she’s not interested in treating Amano-kun as a guy. However…

(F-For some reason, on the other hand, …she does look like the main chick!)

I-I get it. I also know that there’s nothing between them! However, how should I say it…? I think I just lapped around my heart for once and felt like, “That attitude is even nobler!” Sigh, I’m slowly sinking into this mud pool once I started getting suspicious. That’s what happening here, right. O-Okay, I understand. I’m also aware of this! But even if I understood it, I still can’t pull myself out. That’s why it’s called a mud pool!

So, when I’m trying my best to propose something to somewhere inside my heart, Konoha-san continued.

“Uh, so, …can everyone just disband here? Kousei and I have to meet up with them after this. That’s why we’re following them as a part of the family…”

This reasoning couldn’t be more logical. Uehara-kun and Aguri-san are already showing signs of giving up.

However, …I…