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Horikita has only made a few friends so far, so there were many situations where getting involved with her was inevitable. However, that should be different in the future. Starting with Sudō, her contact with people such as Hirata and Karuizawa should gradually increase.

And as that happens, I can slowly fade into the background.

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I do want to get on better terms with her, but I do not intend to be at the mercy Chabashira-sensei.

If they can go about handling the class on their own, my burden will naturally be lessened.

That's how I see it. Chabashira-sensei shouldn’t be particularly attached to me being the one to cause Class D to rise. Logically, she should be satisfied with any student willing to take on the task.

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As for why she did not hesitate to threaten me to reach Class A, I’m not interested in Chabashira-sensei’s intentions.

However, now is not the time to let go of Horikita.

If I let go of the reins here, Class D will spiral out of control and even potentially collapse altogether. I'm going to gather people around Horikita before quietly fading out of the picture.

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The important thing is the procedure, followed by preparation and results.

"It seems he will be coming soon."

I called out to Hirata, who was talking to a classmate, and then went back to my seat.

"Same thing on my end."

Sudō left to go to the bathroom. He was the first person out the door.

"So, what should we think of this test?"

Horikita asked prematurely before people would start to gather.

"We just need to listen to the words of Chabashira-sensei to understand it. This should be a more difficult test than previous ones. The standard that needs to be met to avoid failing is easy, but if our goal is to beat other classes, our total score will have to be pretty high. Plus, the pairing system is tricky. Add to that the fact that another class is going to write the test for us, and we can predict that the degree of difficulty will effectively double. It will be particularly challenging if we’re up against a class that makes their questions more challenging than they need to be. Depending on how a question is phrased, even if the answers are the same, the response rate can change significantly.”

"Yeah… this time it's not just about reading strategies, it's also about testing our ability to create problems."