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We fought each other with furious glares. Aguri mumbled dumbfoundedly. “In a sense, I’m quite envious of the relationship between you two…” I don’t understand at all why she is envious of our fierce rivalry.

Then, Chiaki cleared her throat and continued.

“Uh, well, about Uehara-kun. Well, what I want to say is that…at least when compared to Tendou-san, he’s the kind of guy that can let this go quickly. So, as long as you explain it clearly, I feel like there’s a good chance that he’ll understand.”

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“Really…Hmm, if Shin-chan said that, I feel a bit better now.”

Aguri-san cheerfully scratched her cheeks…Just like when they’re calling nicknames, I think these two people are way closer now…Although, from my perspective, they should be love rivals in fierce competition.

Just as I’m pondering dazedly, Chiaki dampened my enthusiasm right away.

“However, Tendou-san will not let this go that easily, Keita. How should I put it…It’s because she’s innocent and has a love for cleanliness. Even when you explained everything, it’s hard to estimate how hurt she would be…”


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She has the same idea as I do. No matter whether we kissed or not, …before we discuss the truth, Tendou-san was perhaps already severely hurt when she witnessed that scene.

Chiaki took a step further and asked me.

“Keita, what are you going to do with her?”

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“Uh, …about that, actually, …I’ve already made up my mind on how I should ‘end’ this.”

“End? What does that mean…”


After I took a sip of the iced coffee, I showed the girls my determination once again.

“Firstly, if Tendou-san lost all hope with me, …I’m planning to cut all ties with her when the time arrives.”


The girls were speechless. Then, they freaked out and immediately spoke up.

“No, no, no, Amanocchi, you don’t need to be that resolute suddenly…!”