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Is Jiangsu fast 3 online make money?

So, …he said his thanks to me with a cheerful and innocent smile.

“I have to thank you for today too, Kiriya-san! I really feel blessed for when I get to play new games with you. I’m always looking forward to this these days!”

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Things happened at that moment.

I can feel…a tinge of pain in my chest.

“…R-Really, me too, Keita.”

I answered Keita with a smile. Then, I pretended that I’m packing up the games as I pressed my chest tightly.

(I, …is a person like me even worthy of being treated with Keita’s smile? I’m…lying to him to preserve my reputation. …Aside from that, I faked my gender and carried a giant bomb that can destroy his happiness instantly…)

Initially, I thought everything’s fine as long as I can use him.

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That’s just like the < Money-losing Thing > in < Gulf Party >. I was exactly like that.

It’s not my fault even if Keita has a girlfriend. …I can just casually make excuses, anyway. I didn’t think about this for too much.

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After all, as a matter of fact, there’s nothing between Keita and me. It’s true even for this moment. It should be like that.


(…Really? …At least, …Keita’s already not an “irrelevant stranger” to me anymore…)