What is the fastest online?

What is the fastest online?

The so-called system function call was the user’s voice control of the mobile phone system function.

For example, if the user said ‘weather’, the smart assistant would automatically display the weather page on the screen and read out tomorrow’s weather conditions and temperature changes.

Similarly, calculators, calendars, memos, calls, text messages, etc. could all be controlled by smart assistants, which would bring a certain degree of convenience to users.

Conversation and intelligence were how the smart assistant would react when the user asked some more personalized questions.

For example, when asking ‘who is your daddy?’, some intelligent assistants would answer ‘my dad is a product manager in the development department’ while some artificial intelligence assistants will answer ‘a group of smart people who dare to innovate’.

Strictly speaking, this point did not have much practical significance, but it would make AEEIS more recognizable.

That was because according to Boss Pei’s requirements, AEEIS was an artificial intelligence with no emotions... so when all other voice assistants used anthropomorphic voices, AEEIS would use unsentimental mechanical voice.

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Now that the lack of ‘personality’ had already been established, it must stand and cooperate in other aspects.

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Only by making these personalized customizations and matching the character and voice of AEEIS could it show that this product had a high completion rate.

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Previously, the day after finalizing the name of AEEIS, Director Zhu Xiaoce spoke to Chang You and wanted to ask for a name for artificial intelligence to be used in movies and games.

The two departments had cooperated as early as Tomorrow is Beautiful’. This time, they naturally thought of working together. Chang You told Zhu Xiaoce about what he was doing in AEEIS. Zhu Xiaoce readily agreed and gave the name to the movie and in the game.

They could then use the popularity of movies or games to promote AEEIS, why not?