The online lottery is really true.

The online lottery is really true.

However, all of that was only true to the outside world.

Pei Qian really wanted to say ‘I don’t know how to design games at all!’

All this time, while developing games, he had been consistently doing the exact opposite of successful practices in the market. Yet, for some reason, his games always ended up succeeding

Still, Tang Yishu’s words had given Pei Qian a lot of inspiration. Pei Qian nodded. “Yes, I understand. There’s nothing else for now.”

After Tang Yishu left, Pei Qian made up his mind about what to do next.

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He would learn game design!

That could solve all of his problems.

First of all, he had no idea how to design games at all. There was a lot of room for improvement. He would just have to understand a bit, and the System would likely conclude that he had acquired new knowledge.

Second, learning the concepts behind game design would probably not be difficult. It was not professional knowledge; he would not find himself completely lost.

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Third, he would not have to take practical lessons to learn about games. Instead, he would just have to pay an awesome game designer from a local first-tier games company to conduct one-on-one lessons for him.

A big boss like that was probably drawing hundreds of thousands to millions of yuan each month. It probably wouldn’t be ridiculous for Pei Qian to pay him a hundred thousand yuan for each one-on-one lesson, right?

Last, learning about game design would help Pei Qian cover up the gaps in his mind. He had only profited in the past because of his lack of understanding of game design. Once he understood the concepts, he would be able to avoid generating profits. Then, Tengda Games would start incurring historical losses, wouldn’t it?

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It was the perfect solution!