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"Class A also surprisingly has it tough, huh?".


It seems he doesn't want to go into detail about it, since Katsuragi didn't deny it but also did not speak further on it. The only thing certain is that he appears to be in quite a difficult spot.

Meanwhile, Sudou and the others shifted their mind to the next contest.

"Next up is the obstacle course race. I'll knock out anyone who gets disappointing results".

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"Ugeh. Why do we have to be hit~?".

"It's because I'm the leader. That means I need to kick the common people's asses. It's really difficult".

I don't think anyone wants such a leader but you just can't strongly repel Sudou like that.

"I'll be asking this just in case for reference but.....up to what place would you consider disappointing?".

"Isn't it obvious? I won't accept anything other than victory".


"Hah, hah....I did my best and I'm still only 6th place! I-Is Ken done with his match? Fuu".

Ike breathes heavily as he fell on his knees. He probably dreads the prospect of Sudou coming back.

"I don't reckon he'll get something like 4th place will he.......?".

It's not like I don't understand the desire to wish for something like that. If Sudou doesn't win, then surely he wouldn't punish the rest too. Sudou, whose results they're curious about, will have his turn in the final obstacle course race.

"What place did you get, Ayanokouji? Is it the death penalty for you?".

"I barely scraped 3rd place".

"Geh. Seriously? Saved by the lineup---".