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Boss Pei was really a good boss who took care of his employees!

Pei Qian did not know that both of them had so many thoughts in their minds. From their expressions alone, he guessed that Fei Huang Workspace’s filming of the documentary did not go well this time.

That was great news!

They were proving to be friends to him in a time of crisis!

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While Pei Qian’s pressure to incur losses for the company was increasing, Lin Wan suddenly gave him such a big discount off his rent. He felt like he was sinking deeper into trouble.

Yet, now, if he found out that Fei Huang Workspace had lost all their hard-earned money, Pei Qian would finally be able to relax!

Huang Sibo and Huang Sibo did not have much of an appetite. They took two bites of their food and looked at each other. Neither knew where to begin.

“What’s the matter? Filming didn’t go well?” Pei Qian asked, concerned.

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Huang Sibo whipped out his cell phone. “Boss Pei, look at the video we edited.”


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Pei Qian did not ask more questions. He took the cell phone and watched the video.

Huang Sibo had briefly explained to Pei Qian before that this documentary was going to be about eSports players. He said they were going to interview the famous, local Counter Strike player Li Zhengwei, but he did not give Pei Qian many details.

He clicked the video and saw a black screen with words.

“Now, I’m training for at least fourteen hours every day.

“I rarely see my family or friends. I hardly have holidays.