It's true that online typing is made.

It's true that online typing is made.

“Let’s take a step back. Even though it may be interesting for the plot, people may hate the relationship part.”

“Ah, you mean the protagonist’s actually someone else?”

“Yeah, for example, the protagonist is actually a crab.”

“That’s too much for a plot twist!”

“Also, the shocking truth is only revealed in the latter part. This is also very dangerous.”

“Ah, you mean like how everything’s just a dream?”

“Yes, for example, everyone has already removed the crab moe.”

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“Konoha-san, are you sure you’re talking about hentai games?”

“For example, some games like to disrupt the timeline. It’s easy to be confused when you’re not good at it.”

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“Ah, come to think of it, things already happened can pretend to be something in the future in the prequel. Something like that?”

“Yes, for example, it’s actually frozen even though it looks like it has just been caught.”

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“You’re still talking about crabs!?”

I knocked on the table and complained.