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That wasn’t logical, right?

Zhou Muyan was a little confused. He asked back, “Boss Pei, you don’t know?”

Pei Qian’s heart grew even colder. By Zhou Muyan’s words, he was evidently confirming that Lin Wan was someone special! Pei Qian coughed lightly, “Boss Zhou, to be honest, I am facing some problems now. I hope that you could render me some assistance; I will be eternally grateful!”

Zhou Muyan hurriedly replied, “Please don’t say that, Boss Pei. If you have any queries, please ask; I will definitely answer them if I can!”

Pei Qian asked, “Could Boss Zhou explain what Lin Wan’s deal with her family is and why she had entered the game industry… in detail?”

Zhou Muyan was a little perplexed. Could it be Boss Pei didn’t even know about this? It seemed as if Shenhua Corporation’s President’s office had not given Boss Pei a call?

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There was something fishy going on.

However, Zhou Muyan didn’t think much as he told all he knew about Lin Wan to Pei Qian.

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Lin Wan was Shenhua Corporation’s President’s youngest daughter. She had an elder sister and two elder brothers. As she was passionate about the game industry, she had found Sun Strike Studios on her own to work.

However, Lin Zhengnan was evidently not very supportive of Lin Wan entering the game industry. Nevertheless, as Lin Wan was rather stubborn and Lin Zhengnan did not want to strain his relationship with her, he had given Zhou Muyan a call hoping that he could extinguish Lin Wan’s game industry dreams so that she would return to Shenhua Corporation to work.

“This is the gist of it, Boss Pei. I do not know anything else,” Zhou Muyan spoke rather earnestly, “As for why you had not received a phone call… I do not know why.”

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Pei Qian was silent for a moment, “How about Lin Wan and her relationship with her brother Lin Zhou, Shenhua Real Estate’s President?”

Zhou Muyan replied, “It is said that she only has some tension with her father; her relationship with her brother Lin Zhou is not bad.”

Pei Qian’s heart grew colder.

Alright, everything now made sense!

He could be sure that Lin Wan had asked her brother Lin Zhou to give Tengda a reduction in rent; there was no other explanation.

“So… Boss Zhou, how can I make Lin Wan leave the games industry and to go back to inherit the family wealth? Pei Qian asked earnestly.

Zhou Muyan thought for a while, “I’m afraid you have to make her utterly disappointed with the game industry.”