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Ye Zhizhou shook his head and said, “No other problem. I am… just worried.

“We made huge changes. What’s more, we don’t have any successful games to refer to. We’re completely dependent on ideas that we thought of. I don’t know what the outcome will be like. I am putting myself out there completely.”

In the old Shang Yang Games—if a new idea was raised at a meeting, Old Liu would always ask, ‘Are there other games that have done this successfully?’ If the answer was no, the idea would be thrown out most of the time. Ye Zhizhou was already used to this way of thinking. That was why he was completely lost now.

“Brother Wang, you have a lot of experience. Do you think we’ll succeed?”

Wang Xiaobin sighed softly and addressed Ye Zhizhou seriously. “Little Ye, you are the chief planner now. You have to make these decisions. You cannot ask others anymore. Whether these changes succeed or not, the glory and responsibility will both be yours. As the chief planner, these are things that you have to be prepared for.

“Do you remember Game Designer? Everybody else’s opinions are just voice-overs in the game. Apart from throwing you off, they have not much effect.” Ye Zhizhou nodded slightly and sighed. “That’s right.”

Game Designer was a game that Ye Zhizhou played many times before. He already knew many options and outcomes like the back of his hand.

He could ignore the voice-overs completely in the game and choose all the right answers. However, although he understood all of these principles, he could not confidently ignore all the comments in reality.

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Wang Xiaobin stood up and added, “It’s normal to feel confused. You just have to remember that you are doing the job that Boss Pei asked you to do.”

Ye Zhizhou’s eyes brightened.

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That’s right. No matter what anyone else says, this was what Boss Pei asked him to do! Whether he succeeded or failed, it would be alright as long as he was following Boss Pei’s instructions, right?

At that thought, Ye Zhizhou hesitated no more. He quickly checked the games once more and sent a message to the group.

“Update the games.”

A few hours later…