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It’s better to convey it early.

As I stood up from the chair thinking so,

「Wait a moment! I will also go this time!」

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「I will go too! We should clearly turn down things like this!」

For some reason, the two got fired up and said they would come with me.

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「I-I see, that’s reliable.」

Then, with Ria and Rose at the lead, I headed to the student council room.

After walking about 2 minutes through the vast academy building, I saw the student council room in front of me.

「This is the place, right…」

Ria knocked three times without any hesitation, and opened the door without waiting for an answer.

「Excuse me!」

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「Excuse me!」

In the student council room, the president, Lilim-senpai, and Ferris-senpai were playing『millionaire』together.

「Ara, you guys are from the practice-swing club…?」

「Aaー, what was their name… I forgot.」