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Whether the battle was favorable or unfavorable. He fought with an expression of anguish on his face at all times.

(No doubt, this guy is suffering from『something』.)

There is that anguished look, but… Above all, there was a big『hesitation』in his sword.

「Naa, just what is so painful–?」

「Don’t pry into someone else’s circumstances so easily…」

Rain emitted a terrible bloodlust, and following that, a strong kick sank into my abdomen.

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「Ka, ha…!」

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Air was knocked out of my lungs. I flew horizontally across the floor and crashed into the walls of the royal castle.

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(Fast… No, it was too fast…!)

From the start of the movement to the end, I couldn’t see any of it at all.

By the time I noticed, I felt a convulsive pain rising from my abdomen.

『I was kicked』- I understood that fact only after my body was flying through the air.

(T-This guy… He was going easy on me till now…?!)

The current series of moves is definitely faster than Fu Rudras.

「N-Not yet…!」