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He was very helpless as well. They could not tell which team was better between Team One and Team Two. They all did fanciful abuses.

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The training on both sides had no effect at all if the gap was too big!

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To the DGE team, playing with teams on a lower level than them would cause them to degenerate. To the H4 Team, they would not be able to improve if they were abused every day. Their confidence would most likely be destroyed.

The sentence ‘Do you have Team Three?’ really stopped Zhang Yuan. He was silent for a long time before he looked at Ma Yang and suggested, “Perhaps... Coach Ma, how about you play?”

Load the players and balance their strength?

Zhang Yuan was still thinking that Ma Yang was a calefare previously. Now, it seemed like Boss Ma was a crucial weight to balance both sides on the capability scale!

When Ma Yang heard that he would have the opportunity to go up, he was elated. “Alright, I’ll start warming up right now!”

He ordinarily used Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s mouse and keyboard when he played as well. Thus, it did not take long for him to warm up.

Huang Wang did not seem bothered. After playing a game against the H4 Club, he could guess his opponents’ standard. Even if Boss Ma kept feeding the opponents kills, it would not matter. There were four against five; it would not be an impossible fight.

Boss Ma could choose a slacker. No matter how many times he died, he would still eat up the opposing team’s resources. If they activated their defense outfits and equipment, they would probably still be able to win.

However, Zhang Yuan gathered all ten contestants very seriously. After that, he started to lay out the battle plan.

“Let me tell you: not a single one of you should be thinking about sacrificing Boss Ma! You might feel happy after the game, but if Boss Ma loses 0-28 again, would he be able to continue playing?

“He wouldn’t play anymore, and then who would balance out the skills? Coach Yaling doesn’t know a thing about this game, and I... what if the opponents still stand no chance against us once I step up? It’s entirely possible!

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“I’m telling you: let Boss Ma take the bottom path. Let the supporter protect him as much as possible. Boss Ma has to have a positive KDA. If you could give him more kills, it would be best, understand?”

Huang Wang was shocked.

“That’s... asking too much, isn’t it?”

The team could easily have won if Boss Ma chose particularly useful support and farmed creeps under the tower at the bottom lane while the mid-laner and jungler defeated the opponents’ mid-laner and jungler before covering the bottom lane.

Yet, they were now supposed to let Boss Ma play the center?