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「…I can only see a mountain of documents.」

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「That’s right.」

A mountain of documents was piled up on the vice president’s desk, and Lilim-senpai said「It’s in the way!」and moved it to the corner of the room.

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「Unfortunately, the vice president did not come back even after the summer vacation.」

「It looks like that.」

The vice president went to the Holy Ronelia Empire, a country banned from travel, to mine the rare blood diamond.

The work of the student council seems to have been cleaned up by the vice president for a long time, and now that he was gone, the work had accumulated.

「Lilim and Ferris, who have a keen intuition, didn’t even come to the regular meeting – that is, they ran away.」

「…I see.」

「Even if I do my best alone, such a quantity… There’s no way I can finish it all up…」

I suddenly became exhausted when I understood what kind of help the president wanted from me.

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「That’s why I ask. Allen-kun… Please help me organize the documents.」