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「Wi-Winner! Allen Rodore!」

The commentator announced the result of the match loudly.

A big fuss happened between the audience and the many swordsmen who heard this result.

「Wh-What happened…?」

「For a moment, didn’t it seem like an insanely fast moving black object!?」

「Haa!? I didn’t see anything like that!」

I was dumbfounded at how soon it ended.

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「N-No way.」

Perhaps I… have become way stronger than I imagined.

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Immediately following the end of the match between Allen and Bubble.

The Sword Festival Management Committee had become noisy.

That’s because one of the Five Academy in the capital – Thousand Blade Academy’s President, Leia Lasnode, suddenly visited.

「T-To show up all the way out here at our region’s Sword Festival…! W-We are very grateful for your visit…!」

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The elderly man who was in charge of the Sword Festival managed to express his gratitude in spite of his trembling.