What skills can be made online

What skills can be made online

Simply, to reach him!

With that in mind, I roar as well.

Translated by: Sads07

In my training with Tre’ainar, rather than fist fighting, what we worked on the most was footwork.

My leg movements, trained with the Magical Ladder training, stumbled even Rebal, a leading swordsman.

Hit & Run, centered on the left Jab, may be the fighting style that offers me the least risk.

But now I’m not running away.

I commence infighting.

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Unlike Shinobu and others, it seems Mr. Aka has the power to crush the whole body with only a single blow.

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Reckless, even if I say so myself.

But I felt that this range was the right choice between me and Mr. Aka.

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So, he dodged this fist…eh!