Is there a credit online?

Is there a credit online?

The ultimate move was Martial God Awakening. It had both passive and active effects.

The passive effect was that every successful parry or attack could weaken the enemy’s aura during a continuous battle with the enemy. A ring appeared under the enemy’s feet, showing green, white, yellow, and red.

The more disordered the enemy’s aura, the slower their movement speed would be and the more damage they would take. When the breath was in a red disordered state and the health bar was less than 8%!,(MISSING) the Prison Keeper’s damage would directly trigger the kill effect.

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However, the prerequisite was that they had to continue attacking. If they could not continuously suppress the enemy’s aura value, then the enemy’s aura value would gradually improve until it turned green and disappeared.

Apart from that, there was another passive effect: becoming obsessed. When players frequently used parries but failed continuously, and the number of deaths kept accumulating, the prison keeper would enter a demon state. At that moment, the success rate of his parrying skills would increase. There was even a chance to trigger the automatic parry effect.

On the other hand, the active effect of the big move was to enter the awakening state of the Martial God. The effect would be greatly improved when weakening the enemy’s aura. What’s more, the enemy’s aura value would be good and slow. The killing line would also be raised to 12%! (MISSING)After killing one person, the effect would increase for a small amount of time. In other words, it would be easier to harvest the battlefield.

However, this killing effect was not brainless. Instead, it had to disrupt the aura value before killing. Thus, it would not be too invincible.

All in all, this was an extremely difficult hero.

Its game mechanism was very worth studying. If it could be played well, it would be a strong choice whether to fight one on one or harvest the battlefield.

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However, the conditions were very harsh to play well.

He had to block the Aura Point attack or release skills. He had to accurately release every parry skill according to the different skills of different heroes. He had to choose the right weapon to parry and dodge. He also had to think about what weapon he should play and match it with his equipment to adapt to the rhythm of the three weapon modes. What’s more, he had to choose correctly whether to team up or not.

Experts and lousy players were not playing the same hero at all.

However, what was interesting was that even if the player was lousy and kept giving this hero away, he could still guarantee his bottom line by entering the bewitched state. This hero could also display skills through parrying effects. He would not become pure trash after giving it a few times like Literary Genius of the Winds Ruan, leaving only happiness.

In terms of balance, this hero was completely different in high-end games and competitions compared to low-end games.