Is there a trustful web with people?

Is there a trustful web with people?

“…Isn’t there a pharmacy in the station too?”

…No, she must’ve got a regular pharmacy she often visits. That’s where she can earn points for a discount. Yep, that’s it. Exactly, it can’t be wrong.

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“…Let’s go home.”


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Even though I’m taking the shortest route, the station feels especially far to me today.

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Come to think of it, having too many friends isn’t exactly a good thing as well.

I, Tasuku Uehara, can’t get that off of my mind recently.

Fate is indeed a helping hand. Of course, it’s fantastic when people can help you every time. The reason that heroes in fantasy RPGs can defeat the demon king is mostly because of that. It’s a power called friendship.

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However, while I acknowledged that power, …I also thought about this-

There should be a bunch of bad points with knowing a lot of people.

Indeed, the hero received great help from all across humanity. But that’s directly connected to a source of stress called expectation.

Just look at those celebrities, you do hope for their bright and charming lives, right. However, they have to wear sunglasses and masks in their private lives. Honestly, it’s not that envious.

What am I trying to say? Well, to be honest, it’s just that having a bunch of friends doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a fulfilling life!

“Oh, …I see.”

After I said all of that, I heard a dumbfounded and deflated reaction on the other side of the phone.