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It’s true. It’s not a lie. I love you more than anyone else in the world

―― Sorry...... I couldn’t be the son of a perfect ideal hero...

...... am I qualified to tell him that I love him the most in the world?

What have I seen of him until today?

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I don’t even get how he could use the 【Great Demon Spiral】.

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Speaking of, even though I heard from his teacher that he had mentioned the ‘Six-Gate Eye’ in class, I forgot to ask him about it.

Why was that...

“Lord Hiro. About the hole in the ground your son dug through, the path is blocked from the middle, and we don’t know whether or not it branched off somewhere...”

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“Ah. But, with his magical power, he shouldn’t have gone too far. Then, instead of his path underground, let’s search for where he’ll emerge from above the ground.”

I’ve heard about his magic health checkups. I forgot the exact numbers, but it was less than Fu or the princess.

If so, I don’t think he’s going that far.... so, is that right?

In the first place, it was awful, but I never expected him to be stronger than Rebal.

It’s not just the 【Great Magic Spiral】.

His agility, the power of his fist, and his footwork, all left me amazed.

Not with a magic sword, he came to use a fighting style that I didn’t even know, my expectations were...