How to make money on the eighteenth year

How to make money on the eighteenth year

「It’s kind of a calm atmosphere.」

The sole bathhouse in Goza village certainly has such an atmosphere.

「Bararara, you have a good eye. I also prefer this simple and quaint interior to the nowadays jumbled-up interior!」

We steadily prepared while talking about that.

After I put my hand baggage in the locker, took off my clothes, and picked up a towel to wash my body, my eyes were glued to Bacchus-san’s naked body.

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(Wow, he has a really “good body”.)

Not to mention his steel-like muscles, there were also a lot of scars carved on his body.

Sword wounds, stab wounds, lacerations, bites, burns, explosive wounds, etc.

Just by looking at them, I can imagine the fierce battles he has experienced.

The naked body which reflected the way of life as a swordsman was like a work of art.


The amount of experiences he has accumulated, the fights he has gone through, the number of times his life was on the line – all of them were incredibly extraordinary.

A body packed with heavy and rich, “experience”.

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While I was fascinated by Bacchus-san’s bare body,

「What’s the matter, kid? Sorry, but I’m not into guys.」

He said with a prankish smile.