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“Isn’t Ocean Stronghold’s downloadable content suitable for us to use directly?”

Chen Kangtuo considered for two seconds. “Yes! It’s very suitable!”

The content of Ocean Stronghold’s downloadable content was about Captain Qin Yi going deep into the Zergs’ nest and executing the beheading operation on the Zerg Queen.

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The horror that the Zergs gave people was not as strong as the ‘Ultimate Horror’, but it would still maintain a moderate sense of fear. The light in the nest would not be as dark as inside the haunted house, but it would still create a more depressing environment.

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Choosing this genre could give tourists who were tired of horror genres a sense of novelty. At the same time, it would be a part of Tengda’s IP. It would be beneficial to the extension and expansion of the IP.

Most importantly, this theme could be made to be interactive!

Chen Kangtuo quickly created a new document on his computer and quickly recorded his thoughts.

“This project is temporarily named ‘Operation Skylark’.”

“In this project, we can let tourists act as the Skylark warriors to execute the decapitation operation on the Zerg Queen.”

“The entire process will be conducted indoors. We will create an immersive experience through the physical setting and the huge projector screen.”

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“The maximum speed of this project does not need to be very fast based on the current data of some successful project. It should be around 20 to 30 mph. That is because the actual experience of the project is that the forward motion and the rotation motions should be closely integrated. Thus, to tourists, the physical sense will be much faster than the actual speed.”

“It doesn’t need to be very high. The difference between the highest point and the lowest point is about 25 meters.”

“The entire project is a complicated circular layout with more than ten scenic spots and passageways.”

“The passageways would connect these scenic points. Tourists would quickly pass through these passageways on the tracks of roller coasters. Sometimes they would rise, sometimes they would descend, and sometimes they would slide sideways on the walls. It was just like how the Skylark Warriors moved in the nest.”

“On the other hand, the viewpoint is a huge, wrapped projection screen. Huge Zergs will appear here. It can be considered a battle scene.”

“Tourists’ actions at scenic spots will affect their advance path.”

“When passengers face the projection screen at the scenic spots, the roller coaster will move in tandem with the image on the projection to perform multiple angles of motion, creating diving, rising, and other effects.”

“We will not use traditional roller coasters. Instead, we will use an indoor roller coaster like the one with the wizard theme. Tourists will sit in a row of four chairs with their feet in the air.”

“Four people in a row with separate experiences. That way, every tourist would not be able to see the people around them. It would be better to immerse in the experience.”