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At least the recruitment period for new students at Gran Swordsmanship Academy was in April.

「Aa, at a normal swordsmanship academy, that is so. But, Five Academy is different. For one month after enrolment, new students have to concentrate on soul dress class, so recruitment is prohibited for that month.」

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「I see… That’s why the new student recruitment starts in May after the soul dress class is over…」

「That’s right. A week from now, when coming to the academy, and leaving the academy, and also during lunch break I guess. We won’t be able to rest for this whole week… so be ready」he said, and sat in his seat, which had become an advertising billboard for the judo club.

「This sounds terrible…」

「Yeah… I have heard that『Recruitment period of Five Academy is terrific』,but to think it was to this extent…」

A little later, the door of Class A opened with a rattling sound. At the same time, a bunch of flyers slowly invaded the classroom.

I don’t know who it is, but they seem to have taken a serious damage…

The bunch slowly approached me – and the flyers were placed in the seat in front of me.


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It was Rose with her ruffled pinkish silver bed hair. She is not a morning person after all. Surely she was handed these flyers while walking sleepily to class as usual.

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「Good morning, Rose. That seems terrible.」

「Your amount of flyers… is probably the most in this class.」


Her sleepiness might have surpassed the annoyance of the flyers. As usual, she stretched her body with an ahoge protruding on her head.

「Fuwaaa… Recruitment period is terrific…」

「That’s right, I was surprised.」

「It was so lively.」