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The audience at the news conference this time was still mainly the loyal customers of the technology media and Jingzhou. They were all given tickets. The technology media from other cities would be reimbursed for their food, accommodation, and transportation fees.

In any case, he would not save where he could spend money.

Pei Qian arrived at the venue earlier than the previous time and found a seat.

The venue was filled with soothing and elegant music. The audience entered the venue one by one and took their seats. One could see many colleagues from the tech media taking photos with their cameras. The popularity seems to be much higher than the news conference on E1’s cell phone.

Pei Qian adhered to the principle of changing locations with every shot. During the previous news conference, he had sat in the corner of the venue. This time, he was seated in the middle and front row. In front of him were reporters from various tech media and video UP Masters.

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Unlike the previous E1 cell phone news conference, the big screen this time did not light up at the official start of the news conference. Instead, it had already lit up in advance. Apart from the opening countdown, there were a few lines of words on it.

“Otto Technologies’ ‘Embrace the Future’ Sharing and Exchange Conference”

The words “Otto Technologies” were followed by the logo of Tengda Corporation and Otto Technologies. The words “Embrace the Future” were written in a special art form. It was most eye-catching.

The entire picture looked simple and generous, with a hint of technology.

Pei Qian did not pay much attention to it. It was a news conference, after all. It did not matter what the name was. Many cell phone manufacturers liked to do fancy things at news conferences. They would come up with strange names to highlight their class. For example, the ‘Multi-dimensional liquid cooling system’ was nothing more than adding some graphite to heat dissipation and making it sound good. However, there were still a few things that were similar.

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In any case, G1 was going to be released at the news conference. It did not matter what it was called.

The two people sitting in front of Pei Qian were probably from the same tech media company. One of them was slightly older and had been guiding the younger brother on filming. He should be the more common ‘old bringing new’, bringing the company’s newcomers to the news conference to take a look and practice.

The news conference had not officially started. The two of them adjusted the equipment and casually took photos of the situation at the venue. Then, they started chatting.

“I wonder what kind of performance would Boss Chang bring to everyone today? I’m so looking forward to it.”

“Indeed, the speed recital at the news conference last year really amazed me. This is the first time I’ve seen a cell phone news conference like this. It’s really impressive.”

“It’s just that the timing is a little awkward. Other companies have holidays and news conferences at night. Why did Otto Technologies set a working day at 5 PM? It wouldn’t delay dinner, right?”