Is there a routine on the Internet?

Is there a routine on the Internet?

When I heard the matching of the Sword King Festival main rounds for the first time,

(Well, we can’t lose here!)

I was firmly made aware of the『weight』of this final round.

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There is no doubt that the first place of each group will be the『Five Academy』including the Ice King Academy.

If we continue winning in order, we will eventually clash with other Five Academy.

But it’s better to be as『late』as possible.

(In the main rounds, we will have to fight four matches, excluding the finals.)

The last four matches will be the best 16, best 8, quarter-finals and semi-finals.

Of course, every single match will be a deadly match, and the physical exhaustion will be tremendous.

(We have to win『consecutive battles』in the form of a『tournament』. Which means, in the sense of avoiding unnecessary exhaustion and injury, it is advantageous to clash with a Five Academy as『late』as possible.)

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When I was thinking about that,

「Now, let’s quickly introduce the contestants!」

The commentator moved on to the customary introduction of the contestants.

「First of all, Vanguard of Thousand Blade Academy – Allen Rodore! What a total victory of all the battles so far! Moreover, he is the dark horse of this tournament that achieved the feat of『all wins unscathed』without receiving a single sword wound!」