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I didn’t know what I was talking about from there.

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“The war ended before I was born… don’t drag my generation along, push us forward!”

I couldn’t calm down, and I put into words everything I had emotionally bottled up.

Because I already know…

“Now I understand. This country…… including my father… me… no one cared about Earth Lagann.”

“Earth! What are you …?”

“What you were interested in is the son of an ideal hero who is convenient for you…. as for me…… Earth Lagann…… I didn’t matter.”


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Yes, the wish I’ve had until today, to make everyone recognize me as ‘Earth Lagann’ instead of ‘Son of the Hero’.

That was impossible from the beginning.

Because the world is not interested in Earth Lagann.

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“N-No! You’re wrong, Earth! Calm down! Your dad and mom don’t think that at all!”