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What was the use of tasting it? It would definitely not be bad!

These vendors were selected from all over the country. They were also making snacks that they were good at. How could they be bad?

What’s more, Pei Qian was feeling very heavy and did not feel like eating.

He only had one thought now. He had to think of a way to spread Bao Xu’s deeds widely.

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Let the entire Tengda Corporation know what good deeds he had done!

When everyone was moved, they would invest in him as the second best employee and make him continue his travel legend!

Bao Xu, you forced me to do this.

Don’t blame me for not being benevolent since you attacked first!

Zhang Yahui nodded. He took Boss Pei’s words as a form of praise.

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“Then... Boss Pei, do you want to give me some suggestions? We’re about to open for business. Is there anything we need to improve on?”

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Pei Qian was silent.

Anything to improve?

If possible, I hope all of you can change it!

It would be best if all the renovations were taken away!

However, he could not do that.

All the designs were perfectly integrated and just right. There was no fault to be found at all. They could not be made use of.

Pei Qian suddenly saw the price of snacks in the stall Just as he was feeling helpless.