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Lu Zhiyao knew that Boss Pei was just being polite.

Still, his sincere gaze moved Lu Zhiyao.

Boss Pei looked very genuine!

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It was rare to come across someone like that.

“Boss Pei, the fact that you trust me so much makes me feel ashamed. Boss Pei, Director Zhu, I can sense your sincerity, but can I take a look at the script first?”

As expected, he had asked for the script. Pei Qian knew that Lu Zhiyao probably would not agree to star in the movie if they did not show him the script first. He had no choice but to watch Zhu Xiaoce hand the scripts over to Zhang Zuting and Lu Zhiyao respectively. Lu Zhiyao wiped his hands with the hot towel that the waiter handed to him, received the script with a somber expression, and then flipped through it. Pei Qian watched Lu Zhiyao’s expression turn from an expectant one, to confusion, to shock, and finally to blankness. He suddenly had a bad feeling about this.

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At that moment, after flipping through the script, Lu Zhiyao was at a loss for words. Scripts like that were extremely rare! Of course, it was not that Lu Zhiyao had never seen such scripts before. Many Western artistic films had very misleading plots as well. However, Lu Zhiyao had really never seen a local film like that.

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Lu Zhiyao had never played a male protagonist like that in his entire acting career.

It was a bit too tragic, wasn’t it? He was a brown-noser at first, who failed to buy a new house despite working so hard. After more hard work, he finally struck it rich in the middle. He cast his old lover aside and ended up with nothing after being schemed against. Lu Zhiyao had never experienced such wrong being done to him!

Every male protagonist he played in the past was a winner in life. He had always been surrounded by beautiful women, and he had always had a successful career.

In the most tragic movie he had starred in thus far in his career, he had still played an inspiring and magnificent man who died a glorious death. Even when he had been cast as a supporting actor, he played cute, charming antagonists. This movie was different in a good way. He was supposed to play a male protagonist whose life was terrible! He was neither cute nor pitiful. Up until the end of the story, the audience could even wind up feeling disgusted by him. Lu Zhiyao looked up at Pei Qian. “Boss Pei… this script…”

At that moment, he had no words to describe how he felt.

Pei Qian braced himself as he watched Lu Zhiyao’s expression. Indeed, the highly toxic script had ended up repelling even the most toxic man in the box office.

After some thought, that seemed about right. Every film that Lu Zhiyao had starred in had failed, one after another. However, he had always played the hero or good guy. At best, he was a domineering CEO; at worst, he was a rich second-generation heir who did not need to worry about clothes or food. He always played someone successful in life.