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"I'm not very good at sports. Leaving aside Universal Participation, if Sudou is willing to take over the Recommended Only Participation events then I don't mind consenting".

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For students like Yukimura who specialize in academics, athletics is a field they're weak in.

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"Then it's decided, right? I'll be participating in all Recommended Only Participation events".

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Sudou who fiercely declared that and the students who supported him. It covered for students who were unathletic and prioritized the class's victory both.

"If everyone's fine with that strategy then as for the Recommended Only Participation events we could do it this way---".

It was just before the proposal was approved.

"I have a supplementary proposal to make".

The usually taciturn Horikita, said that and joined the conversation.

Many students, surprised by the unexpected speaker, focused their attention on her.

"If we have to choose between these two strategies we should go with the 'Ability' system like Sudou-kun said. I have no objections this far. But with just that, there is no guarantee that we can win against the other classes".

"Of course that's true".

"If so, then it's obvious that we should prioritize letting the most athletic ones participate in the Recommended Only Participation events of their choosing and similarly in the Universal Participation events we should have them form the best possible combinations for victory and compete as such. This will allow us to unlock their maximum potential. If I have to put it simply, the fast ones should team up with the slow ones".