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"I'm talking about the identity of the person who tamed Dragon Boy".

"Dragon.....what are you talking about?".

"I'm talking about the naughty boy named Ryuuen".

"What do I have to do with that Ryuuen?".

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"Seems like you're pretty good at playing dumb. You don't let anything slip through when you feign indifference".

"I don't really know how you got to that conclusion".

"Right now, you're touching my arm like this. I can tell from the heat transmitted from that contact".

I had figured he's far from ordinary, but it looks like Kouenji's even more of an oddball than I am. So he's telling me the grip I have on his arm is what led him to that conclusion, huh?

"Sorry but this is a huge misunderstanding".

"Really? From the way Delinquent-kun's been looking at you, acting towards you and the way his surroundings react to that, I think this is a fact beyond all doubt".

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Kouenji doesn't have any solid evidence but he seems to have overwhelming confidence in his own observations. More smoke and mirrors probably won't help.

"Fufu. You may relax. I have no intention of revealing what you're trying to keep secret. Even if you happen to be 'relatively talented', you're still a childish existence as far as I'm concerned. Just one among many. In other words, whether this is the truth or a lie, it won't matter as long as I don't speak of it, right?".

"I do want to clear up this misunderstanding, but what would that do?".

"It's unfortunate but you'll just have to give up on that. Even if multiple third parties vouch for you, telling me Ayanokouji Boy had nothing to do with it, this answer won't change as long as I am certain of it".

"I see......then, shall we get back on topic?".

"I assume this is about trying to get me to work as part of the group?".