What to sell online is a virtual item

What to sell online is a virtual item

“You’re saying?”

“Well, it’s just like…tripping over the floor like that or biting your tongue when talking, …things like that.”

“Hmm? That’s just being clumsy, right?”

After hearing what Uehara-kun said, …I laughed at him like he’s an idiot.

“…Yes, yes, if I’m in Keita and Uehara-kun’s favorite dating sim, you can summarize it with such a cute conclusion. Sheesh, …that’s why I hate guys that fantasize over girls…”

“It’s been a long time since I’m pissed at your attitude.”

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Even though Uehara-kun’s smiling, an angry symbol showed up on his forehead.

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“Well, but my ‘zenpai’ attribute isn’t that fatal yet.”

“…What do you mean by that?”

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Uehara-kun still doesn’t understand. “For example…” I started giving concrete examples.

“No one saw my panties when I tripped over, but there’s blood. People will start complaining or be confused when I accidentally bit my tongue. My cooking tastes terrible when I screwed it up, but it’s still edible. I’m just a piece of trap that can’t even bring a smile to others’ faces. That is…me, a ‘zenpai’ girl, Chiaki Hoshinomori.”


“In other words, once I get greedy, I’ll fail so hard that I end up in an even worse situation. So, I have nothing. I’m constantly losing as I move forward with life. …This is how lonely I am. Ah, also-“

Uehara-kun hit my head lightly just as I’m about to continue. He’s giving me a very sympathetic look.