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Thus, a system that was meant to strengthen competition objectively made all teams focus on the paper strength in front of them and ignore the long-term goals.

Some rookies with potential would find it difficult to compete in such a utilitarian environment. It completely went against the original intention of the system.

On the other hand, the promotion system would be revoked. Each club would promote more new players, and their playstyles would be more aggressive. There would not be a situation where both teams wanted stability and did not dare to fight.

Thus, after much consideration, Pei Qian decided that it would be better not to have a promotion system.

Ding Gan grimaced. “Boss Pei, does that mean our clubs will never be able to return to GPL?”

“Boss Pei, our SUG has been in the esports field for many years. If the GPL excludes us, it would be a loss!”

Pei Qian looked at the three club owners and said, “That... is not entirely impossible.”

“If you want to maintain the GPL quota, you need to continue investing. Once the club is at the bottom and loses continuously, it would not be able to bring the brand value to the parent company and would instead become a burden. There would definitely be clubs that want to leave.”

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“At this time, we will be the intermediary to transfer the GPL quota.

“As for the clubs that have achieved good results in the GDL league, they would receive a 30%!d(MISSING)iscount when purchasing a GPL spot.

In other words, when a certain club burned money but could not produce results, they could choose to hire newbies and train newbies. If they continued to endure, they could also choose to transfer. They could stop losses in time and also earn a sum of money.

That way, not only would they be able to guarantee the interests of the current GPL League teams, but they would also not suffer too much loss whether they stayed or left. They would be able to invest without worry and would also be able to provide convenience to the GDL League clubs.

Ding Gan and the other two club bosses remained silent for a long time before nodding helplessly.

“Alright, Boss Pei.”

They had no other choice. This was the best solution that they could fight for.