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「…That slash just now. The blade seemed like it disappeared. What kind of ability is it?」

「Fuhaha! Oi Oi, are you seriously asking your enemy that…!?」

He said, and laughed happily.

「Kuku… Normally, I wouldn’t tell you, but… God, who sucked your blood is extremely pleased! As a reward for offering that body, I can tell you a little bit.」

Gregor added,「Be grateful to the benevolence of God」and he held up the ashen sword before his chest.

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「This『ash sword』has no substance. No matter what kind of swordsman you are, you can’t defend against my slash!」

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「Undefendable slash, huh. It’s certainly a threat, but the fact that it doesn’t have any substance means you can’t defend my attacks either, right?」

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「Of course, that’s right. But don’t mistake that the『position is equal』for the both of us. Otherwise, it will end in an instant!」

With a heinous smile, he closed the distance at a tremendous speed.

From that point onwards, the battle was terribly one-sided.

Each time Gregor unleashed a slash, wounds accumulated on Sie’s body one after another.

Sie who has always defended with her sword in every battle.