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Feeling a bit confused, both Horikita and I shook her hand.

“However, I don’t know if Sudou-kun and his friends with agree to join again.”

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“Yea. In the current situation, it certainly looks difficult.”

“Well then, can you leave it to me once again?” I can do at least this much after joining you guys. Ok?”

I felt overwhelmed at the pace Horikita and Kushida were moving at.

As if she was about to leap into action immediately, she took out her phone. Soon after, Ike and Yamauchi came over with ecstatic expressions. As soon as they saw me and Horikita, they looked at me as if they were saying, “You really told her about the chat!?”. Well, it’s convenient, so I’ll just stay silent. Their feelings of guilt will probably be effective in getting them to agree.

“Sorry for calling you two out. I have, or rather, Horikita has something to ask of you two.”

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“W-w-what, what is it? What do you have to do with us?”

What an overreaction… They backed away in nervousness.

“Do you two have any plans to join Hirata-kun’s study group?”

“Eh? S-study group? No, we didn’t want to join because he’s too popular… We’re going to cram the day before the test. It’s worked since middle school.”

To Ike’s words, Yamauchi nodded two, three times. They seem to have somehow managed by cramming last-minute for the past few years.

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“That kind of thinking suits you two. However, the probability of getting kicked out of school is pretty high right now.”

“You’re the same as ever, whatever that means.”