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Is there any money on the online anchor?

“By the way, I played games yesterday.”

Mii seems to have remembered something from the conversation in the treatment room. Honestly, thanks to a certain family restaurant partner, I’m already fed up with gaming topics. But, we’re doing nothing now, anyway. So, I said “really” to Mii and continued the chatter.

“I had to work yesterday because I spent too much money on making chocolate, so I didn’t see you. Main-nee-chan took care of you, right?”

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Mii seems to be struggling to answer. I can’t help but ask with a baffled look.

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“Hmm? No one in the family was free aside from her, right?”

“…I guess so. But, our holidays often go beyond our expectations.”

“What’s with that idiom-like sentence? Oh, but, speaking of expectations, I think the same is for Amanocchi too. I just heard this, but I believe Tendou-san tried to go out with him. In the end, he couldn’t go because something happened…”


Mii looked away for some reason. …Don’t tell me.

“…Uh, …where and who are you playing games with yesterday, Mii?”

“Well, …uh…”

Mii moved her hand a bit awkwardly and lowered her head.

…Then, as if she’s confessing a prank she made, the little girl revealed what she did yesterday.

“Mom put me in Keita-nii-chan’s care yesterday. I had fun for the entire day.”

“Amanocchi turned into a nursery!”

I’m frightened by my family’s selfishness. Sigh, but Main-nee-san has always been like this. However, come to think of it…

“Main-nee-san’s actually letting someone else take care of Mii, …that’s new, right?”