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The administrative voice of Leia-sensei, returned.

I think women’s vocal cords are amazing, because sensei can speak administratively, when in truth, she wasn’t actually doing any work.

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「Excuse me.」

We were allowed to enter the room, and when I opened the door slowly,

「Oh, it’s you guys…」

Sensei, who just finished reading this week’s issue of Weekly Shonen Yaiba, was stretching greatly.

「Good morning, Leia-sensei.」

「Aa, morning. Allen, has your body recovered?」

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「Yes, I’ve had a lot of tests since then, but there was no problem anywhere.」

「That’s wonderful. – All right, I’m going to have you engage in volunteer activities as punishment for breaking the rules of the Big Five Holy Festival.」

Then, sensei stood up.

Of course, we came here today for that purpose. But before that, there is something I need to ask.

「Sensei, before that… Could you tell me the continuation of that story that ended midway?」

The day I regained consciousness.