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“(That also means Tendo-san probably doesn’t use this road!)”

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What should I do? Because I was too occupied with avoiding Miyamoto-san, I forgot… that my original goal was to encounter Tendo-san by going the opposite direction of her path.

“Uwaa, what if we pass each other…”

I thought of going back and taking the main road again, but I was already too far away.

Letting out a sigh, I decided to keep walking to the last shop. Perhaps, for some reason, Tendo-san might be going home later than I thought, and she might still be at the store.

With a faint hope, I entered the familiar game store. …I think it was also here that I was able to talk to Tendo-san for the first time.

“(Alright. I feel like… another fateful encounter will happen here!”

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If this was a love comedy, where else would an event be?

As I walked towards the inner part of the store, my heart started racing.

As I thought, my expectations were splendidly—


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crushed. There was no blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl in here.

This is my life—mediocre. Things like a love comedy template wouldn’t apply to me. Speaking of which, a flag which would be more appropriate is—

“Shopkeeper, please!”

“(He came!)”