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However, he noticed another problem. He was dealing with too many things at the same time.

He had too many businesses at the moment. What’s more, all the people in charge remained silent as they worked on their respective plans. They would only report ‘good news’ to Boss Pei once they achieved a measure of success. That was not a good thing.

The more he thought about it, the more Pei Qian realized that he had to keep all the departments in check. He had to increase the level of control he had in his company.

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Otherwise, it would become increasingly difficult for him to incur losses. Even if he dedicated himself to fighting fire full-time, he would eventually burn out.

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He had to appoint an imperial guard in Tengda as soon as possible!

April 15th, Friday...

In the office’s guest room... Liang Qingfan handed his tablet computer over to Pei Qian. “Boss Pei, I’ve done a few renovation plans. Please see which one you like the best.” Once Boss Pei took the tablet computer, Liang Qingfan sipped his tea and licked his lips. He savored the sweet aftertaste of the tea, looking quite proud of himself.

He was happy with most of the plans he had handed in.

For some reason, he had had a lot of inspiration after looking at the apartments. After returning to the hotel, he started work at once and had not rested much. In fact, he had worked all the way until now. After rushing a few renderings out, he had let his colleagues at his workspace vet them and then rushed over to hand them to Boss Pei.

Liang Qingfan had put in a lot of effort into the designing work this time. On one hand, it was because Boss Pei was paying him a high designer fee. On the other hand, it was because Liang Qingfan was a young designer who had had few opportunities to work on such projects alone. Thus, he wanted to make full use of this opportunity. Every piece of work that he handed in would become name cards that he handed out to the world.

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Liang Qingfan was confident. He knew that every customer would be bought over by his designs in the end!

Pei Qian looked through the renderings on the tablet computer. As he studied them, Liang Qingfan briefly introduced the different aspects of each rendering. Every design was very minimalistic. It was not magnificent in a way that it would appeal to ballers, and it did not look like a fancy ‘garden villa’ either. On that point, Liang Qingfan had taken Pei Qian’s instructions very seriously. However, each rendering was very different even though they were all minimalistic.

The first rendering used white and brown as the theme colors, thus creating a warm feeling. The furniture was minimalistic, and Pei Qian could tell that the brown of the television wall hid a lot of storage space. However, the storage space was very well-hidden and not easily noticeable.

At first glance, the place looked neat and tidy and gave off a certain yuppie vibe.

Liang Qingfan explained, “This style hangs on to the concept of minimalism while satisfying tenants’ daily needs.

“The apartment has four bedrooms and would be rented instead of sold. More tenants means more storage space would be required. Yet, the idea of storage space normally conflicts with the concept of minimalism. Thus, I designed the apartment to hide the storage spaces. “Tenants who stay here can experience high-end, minimalistic, and modern living. Yet, they can continue to enjoy convenience. One can say that this design kills two birds with one stone. Young people would like it for

Pei Qian remained silent for a moment and then said, “Pass.”