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Looking at the bushes, there were different green leaves growing with yellow fruits sticking out from one part.

“That’s….. Corn…. Right?”

“It looks like it.”

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I wondered if corn was growing only in this section. I was not well acquainted with plants, but it was obvious the situation was unnatural. The soil in which corn was planted is of a different color than the soil in this forest. It was proof which showed that this corn was cultivated artificially. Surrounded all around by bushes, it was odd how they were difficult to find due to weed.

“This is what Kouenji was hinting about…”

He was aware of this existence immediately but wasn’t willing to tell us.

Anyhow, there was no doubt that based on the spot, the school frequently visited this inhabited island. When I pulled out a piece in order to check it, a beautiful ordinary-looking corn came out. This beautiful form must have come to life due to thorough management and cultivation.

“I should have brought a bag… Probably not, but I wonder if we can take them with us at once.”

There were fewer than 50 corn, but taking them all at once in our hands was impossible. It was inevitable for us to make few round trips to carry them over. I took off the shirt I was wearing.

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“Huuuuuh!? Wha wha wha, what are you doing Ayanokouji-kun! That’s too soon.” Sakura dropped the corn she had in her hands and blocked the view.

“Sorry. Considering you’ve dismissed I thought it would be okay. What’s too soon…?”

I thought she wouldn’t particularly mind a man’s nakedness, but I lacked concern for her appropriate age.

“If we tie the openings of the shirt, we’ll get a substitute for a bag. We can carry more at once.”

There was fear of this place becoming harvested if people from the other classes found it while we were away. It was a risk I wanted to avoid to the utmost.

“We’ll report to other classmates and let them harvest when we return.”