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It’s been three months now.

I was a little sad about that, but at the same time I remembered something from before.

“That day... in the morning...”

“...... No...... it’s nothing. You’re also coming today, right?”

“Yes, I’m... planning on it.”

“I see.”

On the morning of the match, I talked to Sadiz like this, and that was when I teased her for the first time, for my reward.

And confidently and proudly.

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“I’ll show you. So, keep your eyes peeled.”

“...... eh....”

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Just like that time, I’ll show Sadiz today.

Whether she had her memory or not, I needed to.

As if telling myself, I told Sadiz that.

“I wish you the best~!”

In such a unique atmosphere, a nonchalant voice resounded in the dining hall.

The sisters quickly stood up in a hurry and bowed their heads in greeting.


“Ufufufu, this day has finally come, Earth.”

“It has.”