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Lacerations, broken bones, bruises, you don’t need to be a doctor to know that he was badly injured.

“Because it’s Mr. Machio, I attacked with all my might, but...... let’s call it a day.”


“So no more... ‘unfortunate accidents’ will happen.”

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“Fufufufu... I see.”

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Seeing Mr. Machio, I also relaxed my fighting pose and suggested we end it here.

Mr. Machio came back looking unconcerned, but from here onward, it will go beyond the realm of a “match”.

As expected, we can’t show any more than this in front of Elder Sis Tsukshi.

With that in mind, I gave my suggestion.

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“Certainly, if you had attacked with ‘more’ power, I might have lost. But with your attack now, you will have to fight me with ‘more’ attack power from now on.”


I didn’t understand what he was talking about. Is Mr. Machio trying to riddle me?

Then Mr. Machio smiled at me with his battered body...

“Thank you, Earth. You were really strong. That’s why I can be even stronger.”

Then it was then.


“...... eh? Wh, what!?”