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No, I’ll explain the situation quickly and we’ll talk about it somehow.... discussion...... let’s talk.

“Oh no, that’s not true. Sure, an ogre is an ogre! But he helped me when I was in trouble!”

“What.... help...... no way, to get information on humans?”

“It’s just good intentions! You can tell if you talked to Mr. Aka! He’s kind, clumsy, and really wants to make friends with people!”

“What do you mean... I never, to be won over by an ogre...”

Discussion...... Talk......

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“It’s true. Stop your people right now! I’ll tell you a little bit. There are few good people in the world as decent as Mr. Aka.”

“Showing such negligence, it was keeping its head down for an opportunity and didn’t want to be discovered. The other party is an ogre. You must know nothing about ogres!”

Talk...... ah... just...

“My people have experienced the war before and know all about the demons and the ogre race. They’re all the species that have to be driven out! That’s why young people these days...”

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Oh, no. ‘young people these days’, when it came out, it was all over.

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“...... Hey...... asshole, that’s enough.”


“For some reason you olden days people, who stopped thinking for yourselves, have the nerve... every last one of them ... in any country!”

I put the cake I had on the tree, and I roared at it.

“You. What do you bastards intend for Mr. Aka?”


Jump in and one shot!